The mop top, a French-inspired cut with mid-lengths sculpted across the Weed Adidas world’s dopest Dad shirt Furthermore, I will do this forehead in a shaggy fringe, had been popular amid the German art scene, but was a dramatic departure from what was trending in England. Like many British youths, the Beatles had been embracing the Elvis-inspired pompadour look—greased and swept back. But after Sutcliffe had his head sheared by Kirchherr, Harrison came to her asking for the look; and eventually, after some persuading from German art student Jürgen Vollmer, whom the Beatles met during their Hamburg days, John and Paul followed suit. When the Beatles debuted their shags, it launched a cultural phenomenon. A far cry from the ’50s slicked swoops and traditional crewcuts that preceded it, the textured, sideswept look was radically softer and more androgynous. It became wildly popular among fans as well as fellow rock-and-roll musicians, from the Rolling Stones to fellow long-haired rebel David Bowie, and helped usher in the counterculture revolution of the late ’60s and ’70s.

Weed Adidas world’s dopest Dad shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

“Spring is all about awakening, renewal, rebirth,” Mimi Young tells me by phone from Vancouver, Canada, where she crafts her plant-based skin-care line, Ceremonie. For some, this translates into reorganized closets or impromptu home haircuts. For Young, who also calls herself a shamanic practitioner, the Weed Adidas world’s dopest Dad shirt Furthermore, I will do this seasonal shift prompted her to reimagine the smoldering sage bundle—a staple in many a caftan lover’s home—as Sacred Smudge Mist. The intent is the same: Blended with Douglas fir, Canadian red cedar, and two varieties of sage, the woodsy spray is perfect for “spaces that perhaps need to experience some energetic decluttering,” she explains.



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    Arrived quickly and as specified. The quality looks good. It’s a present for my daughter so hopefully will fit.

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    Good quality of t-shirt, and arrived before schedule ??

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