This week, Prince Harry Under Armour I love swimming shirt. I’m not sure it’s harsh as there is no good reason to allow any adult to sit in a captain’s chair while IN FLIGHT. I sat in the captain’s chair countless times during commercial flights. The whole peace symbol WWII thing is only because members of this order used it to signify Victory, and it stuck with the masses. And although that hand signal has been identified as other things in the past, ever since it started being called the peace sign in the 1960s that has been the accepted name in America. I don’t know if they purposely called it something other than peace sign or if they are just ignorant but either way, it’s a disgrace. James Jasi Why does CNN disagree with what Trump governs,are they protecting themselves from things they did to discredit and stop Trumps agenda.

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Nodding to Harry’s new venture into the Under Armour I love swimming shirt. But no I hate waiting to read more than I care to, just say what you mean, and mean what you say. If not I feel sorry for himShe was training to be a flight attendant, so I’m pretty sure he was just showing professional courtesy. Not sure how the unemployment rate is so great when all of you have this much time Karim Badell There’s no right or wrong here.



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    Quick service! The T-shirt is exactly as seen on the website. Will buy more in the future.

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    I like the quality of SunFrong shirts. They offer many designs and colors to choose from. The customer service staff is responsive and helpful. I’m a repeat customer due to my satisfaction.

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    Bought quite a few times from Myfrogtee and I haven’t had any major problems. Items are well done and delivered pretty much on time…

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    Fantastic customer service, brilliant communication, a pleasure to do business with

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    I submitted my husband’s name and recieved an email a couple weeks later stating his name had been added to a shirt. The ease of ordering shirts was easy. Thank you tee spring for taking time to honor our loved ones.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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