But aren’t there gentleman’s clubs still around that don’t let women around at all? Seems a bit hypocritical. Not saying I support either, cos I don’t. But peoples outrage here is heavily misplaced. They did a social experiment that failed because people would rather be mad at the San Antonio commanders shirt that men are discriminated against for a brief amount of time of My.Frogtee Store (in a controlled and voluntary setting then think about all the ways women have been discriminated against for centuries let alone change that outdated behavior.

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I used to tip the hostess as a San Antonio commanders shirt to never seat groups of only women in my section. They talk forever, compete to under-order each other. Their business, their rules, but if this was the reverse or was about race or religion there would be an uproar! They did and they don’t care. It will take serious political will to reign them in. Cambridge and such is shameful, and yet here I am.

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Just use facebook lightly, do not post all your personal information online. Besides nobody wants to know every tiny detail of your life anyway. If it still bothers you don’t use it. Not news, just Facebook being Facebook, try sitting with friends with your book pages open, then sit n chat for a San Antonio commanders shirt of hours, see what happens, soon delete from your fone. Use it in a browser instead.