Well, that s a step forward, but I don t see how when I don t see Police on foot, just in cars or when attending an incident that has already happened. Maybe prevention should be the priority. It’s only a Post Malone you’re Sunflower shirt of time before it gets stopped because of people who think fighting crime is racist. I think it’s coming to a time that we just have to accept being searched. No one likes it but, sadly it’s come to this. Good but it won’t work unless there are more police walking the streets again.

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When I googled this for more information, the first article that popped up was that Post Malone you’re Sunflower shirt was expecting his eighth child. Now, that information was clearly out of date because he already has eight children but it left me thinking, if he were expecting again, airlines don’t like passengers to fly in the final few weeks of the third trimester. At a certain age one just has to step down a little. If that means not playing stadiums any longer, so be it.

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Or maybe there’s a whole group of people who don’t like 9-5s and do gigs out of choice due to the flexibility. This generation prefers happiness and works like balance now rather than having to wait for a worthless pension after years of giving their time and soul to a Post Malone you’re Sunflower shirt for 30 years. Final salary pensions are almost unheard of these days. This was common practice with my parent’s generation.

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    Haven’t received my T-shirt yet but thought it very, very funny and professionally made.

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    Good quality,generous sizing and would appear to be real value for money.

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    Outstanding. The shirt I ordered was exactly what I ordered. We had an issue with the shipping but they helped resolve it with no problem at all. Their communication with me was as it should be, done in a clear and timely manner. I will buy from them again. Thank you!

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    Easy payment through PayPal , was kept up-to-date with my order, and arrived earlier then thought, overall very satisfied , thank you very much

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    I gave 4 stars because ordering was so quick and easy, a lot of products to choose. I will let you know more when I recieved my T shirt.

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