These are three New England Patriots Boogeymen shirt. l make some search the family had alot of conflicts with the Mexican community not only with the cartels. Sigh That’s pretty sad but did the photographer ask these people to stand in the window so he could get this picture. The story has so many holes thoI can’t wrap my head around these situations.

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Wales Bonner, a graduate of Central Saint Martins still in her 20s, ascends not a moment too soon, as examples of shocking insensitivity to appearances of casual racism by elite Italian designers (products that evoke comparisons to blackface at Prada and Gucci, typically outrageous commentary about New England Patriots Boogeymen shirt. They are counting on us US citizens to be outraged by this poor innocent (WHITE, sorry had to be said cuz it’s a factor) moms & kids dying for no reason. Sarah Roberts the drug trafficking if true is upsetting, but them being Mormon or polygamist isn’t a valid piece of evidence. It a whole criminal cultJulianna Finn Velez its similar to settler moving on Indian land then calling em savages after the indians kill them for trespassing.



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